Important tips and tricks to play PUBG


If you are a games lover, then you have many options of games to play. PUBG is very trending game nowadays, and many people prefer it play in the spare time. A very popular gaming company launches it from China. The name of that company is Tencent games studio. It is the best action game for all the mobile users.  You can find it in the app store or play store easily. It is a very high graphics online game, and it takes approximately 1.2 GB in your device. It requires 4.3 versions for your android device to play it correctly.  You can see very impressive gameplay and top-class controls for it.

Your game starts with the 100 opponents every time, and all players try their best to survive for a long time. You find yourself naked in the starting moments; you have to find the clothes and weapons to play the game for a long time. You also have the option to get more weapons and clothes by killing your enemies. Always try to make a better squad in early times to play like professions. The teamwork helps you to win the battles in a natural way.

 Always try to use the map

You can use the map for a lot of useful things, but it’s all depends on you to select the best way to use it. Here I am giving you some important information to use the maps perfectly.

  • You can easily know the movement of your player and easily find the safe zone.
  • It also helps you in finding the correct position of your enemies, without wasting time.
  • With the help of the map, you can easily select your location by using the pin and then map guide you to reach your destiny with the safe zone.
  • You should also find the battle area with it, and you can shot those enemies who are busy in their fights.

   Best way to kill the enemies

If you are able to see your enemy but, they have no idea where you are, they always try to set the perfect target or hit to their head for direct hit.  By getting PUBG Mobile Hack 2018, you can kill many of enemies easily.  You can use the zoom option for making a better target and kill that player in single short perfectly.